trigger points

What is a trigger point?  Here is how a client described it today: "It is a super sore spot that has a little nodule in the sore area." It hurts "good" when it is palpated.   It differs from a spasm as the source may not be clear.  For the next two weeks, I am using a trigger point board that was developed by a chiropractor/neurologist, which is likely the only professional combo who could build such a thing.  For one or two trigger points a session should only take about 20 minutes and a specific spot treatment offers some rather quick pain relief.  Trigger point work is highly effective but not as relaxing as a swedish massage.  However, relief from pain is delightful.  The board can treat back, neck, torso, thigh and leg issues and is recommended for persons who have finished growing and whom are not pregnant.  Looking forward to seeing you!

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